I’m kinda atypical.

I’m a graphic artist.

I’m a former pro mountainboarder.

I’m a creativity coach.

I’m a Jedi and a stormtrooper.

I’m a producer of live entertainment.

I’m a nerd.

I’m a husband and a dad.

I'm Brack Lee.

In the creative world, “really atypical” is good but “kinda atypical” is so much more.


Really atypical ideas get noticed but don’t connect with real people. The value of being kinda atypical
is that I live in a cloud of imagination, but dip my toes in reality enough to recognize the audience is
more important than the idea. By focusing on others’ perspectives, I’m inspired to create things they
can personify with.


Being kinda atypical means that I really enjoy doing things my way but not at the sacrifice of someone else’s even better idea.


I tell stories.


Every concept is a story to be shared. People look to me to translate ideas in a visual style that captures immediate insight. Whatever the narrative, I adapt my solution to fit the content and speak to the audience on their level. After all, every good story is ultimately about the viewer’s experience.

So, what's my story? It's kinda atypical.



That’s the short answer that I give in an elevator, but if you are sitting next to me on an airplane and ask for more details you’ll learn that means so much more than drawing pictures, designing images, typesetting, page layout, thinking in a 3D space, animating a sequence of events, fabricating costumes, painting flat and full forms, educating myself about the industries and audience I serve, brainstorming highly creative longstanding concepts, speaking with others with detailed questions to understand what they envision, managing multiple deadlines, and learning new technologies. It also means making people happy with the results of my work. That’s the best part.

If you are visiting my site to learn more about my career, you will want to click this link to download my resume.



You may have seen me on TV throwing myself upside down over piles of rock and dirt or zooming down mountainsides rubbing tires with other racers. I’ve slashed dirt in events on two continents. I have a few scars to prove it. I even have a World Championship trophy.


Prior to mountainboarding, I’m a former a pro rollerblader. You may have seen me on TV throwing myself upside down over the cement landscape or zooming down the street rubbing tires with other racers. My freestyle rollerblade team performed at venues in front of thousands of people. I have a few scars to prove it. I even have a National Championship trophy.


Prior to rollerblading, I’m a former a competitive soccer player. As a defender, you would see me throw myself in front of the ball or zooming down the pitch rubbing shoulders with frustrated strikers. My club team placed in invitational tournaments throughout the country. I have a few scars to prove it. I even have a National Championship trophy.



Odyssey of the Mind is an international educational competition that provides creative problem-solving opportunities for students from kindergarten through college teams using STEM, art and storytelling skills to complete challenges without outside assistance related to the problem. As a coach I facilitate creative brainstorming sessions and engage in asking thought provoking questions that lead kids to the self-discovery of the most amazing ideas they can dream of and ways they can make those concepts come to life. I have coached successful Odyssey of the Mind teams in my local community that have advanced to the World Finals and have even achieved 5th place. Tens of thousands of teams from throughout the U.S. and about 25 other countries participate in the program.



To make smiles happen, I actively participate in the 501st Legion and Rebel Legion non-profit organizations who often work directly with Disney/Lucasfilm using the popularity of the Star Wars universe and screen accurate character costumes to promote community outreach and charity volunteer work. Legion members often visit children at hospitals, march in community parades, promote charity causes, appear at the request of professional sports teams or television productions, and much more. I have appeared directly at entertainment and promotional events with celebrities such as George Lucas, Mark Hamill, Jon Stewart, Seth Green, Breckin Meyer, and Weird Al Yankovich and have even been featured on TV in several shows. The Legions annually help raise over 10 million dollars for children's and other charities. I have served in a leadership capacities in the 501st Legion and Rebel Legion since 2009.



Corpses and Crowns is an annual live stage show and competition that parodies the contrasting pop-culture phenomena of beauty pageants and zombie lore. I conceived of the show and pitched the idea to Dana Cain Events of Denver whom I worked with to build one of the headlining annual shows at the Denver County Fair. Corpses and Crowns has been featured in local and national press, including the documentary film Doc of the Dead which premiered at the 2014 SXSW International Film Festival. It’s a zany concept that interacts and engages an audience in more ways more than a traditional beauty pageant or horror stage show. I also direct and perform a part in the live show. The event is promoted through social media networks, traditional media as part of Denver County Fair’s promotions, and street level marketing such as show-specific flyers and posters at pop-culture events and locations.



Have you not discovered this yet? The world of pop culture fantasy captures my interest and inspires my imagination. Like the Force itself, the themes of cartoons, pirates, dinosaurs, zombies, adventurers, monsters, and space aliens surround me and penetrate my mind; it binds me together with a world of passionate and creative nerds who dream of how popular mythologies reflect real life. My own passions for the potentials which the nerd world have in commercial industry and social development has inspired me as an instructor and volunteer with Pop Culture Classroom promoting the Literacy Through Comics program which engages children in art, storytelling and reading via a focused curriculum and after-school programs.



My family is kinda crazy. That’s how we rock it. We each have a unique story which is supported by love. Ultimately that’s what’s most important to me.



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